La Via Venaissia: the perfect route for a first-ever bike ride

Whether they are still using stabilisers, on a balance bike or have mastered the bicycle already, you might feel your child needs more space for their 2-wheel escapades, but they’re not confident enough (and neither are you) to be out on the roads amongst cars. Introducing: the Via Venaissia, a “voie verte” (greenway) with a family-friendly feel, inaccessible to cars – the perfect route for their first real (whilst completely safe) bike ride.




Getting to the Via Venaissia

Via public transport

To get to the start of the route, take the train to Orange, then take line 910 of the Zou transport network
Heads up: this line does not run on Sundays or bank holidays
Transporting the bikes: riders can load and unload their bikes onto and off the bus/train. It is a good idea to contact the transporter 36 hours in advance.

Route: Avignon – Orange (train) / Orange – Jonquières (bus)

Bus stops: PEM Gare Routière (train) / Jonquières – Stade (train)

Duration: 20 minutes (bus) / 25 minutes (train)

Train departure AvignonTrain arrival gare routière d’OrangeBus departure gare d’OrangeBus arrival Jonquières

Route: Carpentras – Jonquières (bus)

Bus stop: Jonquières – Stade (train)

Duration: 25 minutes (bus) / 20 minutes (train)

Departing from CarpentrasArriving in Jonquières

By car

If you decide to travel to Via Venaissia by car, make sure you will be able to transport your bikes.
Depending on the type of vehicle you have and the number of bikes you’re transporting, you may not be able to easily fit them in the car and you’ll probably need a bike rack, freeing up space in the boot (which is handy to store rucksacks or a picnic).
There are lots of different types of bike racks: tailgate bike rack, platform towbar bike racks or roof bike racks (provided there are no height restricted passages on your route, such as under bridges or at toll booths).

A savoir

Our advice

The bike rack that attaches to the towbar allows you to open the boot, even with the bikes attached. It is also collapsible and therefore easier to store.

Practical information


>> How to get there
GPS coordinates: 44.11782051142, 4.899586610308191

By car

At l’ancienne Gare de Jonquières (around 25 spaces)

The bike ride

Once the bikes have been unloaded, saddles adjusted and brakes checked, there is nothing left to do except grab your helmets, backpacks, and water bottles and get on your bikes! First-timers might want to wear extra protection in case they fall, i.e. knee or elbow pads; the first few pedal strokes will be a bit hesitant, causing a few swerves, but the width of the cycle lane allows you to take it at your own pace.

Ensure that you have insurance to cover the 22 km ride, keeping in mind that the Via Venaissia crosses roads used by cars in places and whilst cyclists are given priority, keep an eye on children whilst they cross the road.
There are barriers which mark out these sections, warning young cyclists to slow down and wait for their parents.
The cycle trail runs along the edge of the village of Jonquières before crossing the Ouvèze river and skirting vineyards and orchards.

Have a break

Just before you cross la route des Tours, you should come across a picnic table – the perfect excuse to take a break and a sip of water. 3 km in, it is also a good time to take stock – see how everyone is doing and decide whether to cycle a little further, or if it’s time to turn back.
Outside the former train station in Sarrians are new picnic tables where you can have lunch. Alternatively, find a bite to eat  in town, perhaps at the ideally-located boulangerie just off the Via Venaissia (closed on Sundays).
4 km away, there is also the Bistrot de la Gare in Loriol du Comtat, which you’ll find along the cycle route, serving drinks and dishes.

The way back

Once you’ve regained your strength, all that’s left is the journey back to Jonquières.

Public transport

If you made your way to the cycle route via public transport, head to either Orange or Carpentras train station via line 910 of the Zou transport network. Heads up: this line does not run on Sundays or bank holidays.

Transporting the bikes: riders can load and unload their bikes onto and off the bus/train. It is a good idea to contact the transporter 36 hours in advance.

Route: Jonquières – Orange (bus) / Orange – Avignon (train)

Bus stops: PEM Gare Routière (bus) / gare centre Avignon (train)

Duration: 27 minutes (bus) / 20 minutes (train)

Bus departure JonquièresBus arrival gare routière d’OrangeTrain departure gare d’OrangeTrain arrival gare centre Avignon

Route: Jonquières – Carpentras

Bus stop: PEM Gare Routière

Duration: 43 minutes

Bus departure JonquièresBus arrival gare routière de Carpentras

By car

If you came by car, all that’s left to do is load the bikes back onto the bike rack while the little ones clamber into the back, buzzing from this new experience. No doubt they will have acquired lots of new skills!

Practical info


To fill up your water bottles:
o   At the start, fill up at the Ancienne Gare de Jonquières
o   In Loriol-du-Comtat, ask at the bistro

–         The checklist before you set off
–         Safety tips for cyclists

Note: the Via Venaissia is financially supported by the Vaucluse County Council