VTT au Ventoux @ Verneuil

Checklist for cyclists

before departure

To ride in complete serenity, here are the tips from French CycloTourisme Federation as well as the guidelines for a safe trip.

Things to check before your bike ride

– Make sure the bike mechanisms are in perfect condition, including tires and brakes
– Make sure the bike is adjusted to your height
– Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended
– Carry a repair kit (*)
– Remember that the Highway Traffic Act applies to cyclists in all circumstances
– Never ride more than two abreast and form a single-file line when the traffic conditions dictate it
– Respect other users as you yourself would like to be respected
– Choose a path adapted to your physical abilities
– Inform people close to you about your route
– Check the weather forecast
– In addition to the route map that can be downloaded from this site, take a local road map with you
– A first-aid kit is not required, but can be very useful
– Make note of emergency numbers and take it with you: 18 or 112 for mobile phones
– Respect the environment by not throwing food waste by the roadside
– If you will be returning at night, be sure to make yourself visible to other road users
– Take enough drinking water to last your trip

(*) : Repair kit components:
1 puncture repair kit
1 spoke wrench cut to the correct length
1 rear derailleur cable and 1 rear brake cable
1 inner tube
1 chain cutter
1 small screwdriver
1 set of spanners
1 set of Allen