VTT en forêt en Vaucluse @ Verneuil

Tips for cyclists

Cycle touring safety charter

– I will respect nature and the environment
– I am properly insured, and I will adapt my behaviour to traffic conditions
– I will keep a safe distance from the cyclists in front and behind me, and I will make myself visible to other road users
– When I ride I will not risk my own safety or the safety of other road users
– I am familiar with the procedure for calling for help in the event of a personal injury
I will choose a route appropriate to my level
– I will follow the instructions of event organisers when taking part in a cycle touring event
– I will abide by the Highway code to safely ride my bike
– I will use a bike which is in perfect condition and abides by the necessary regulations

Sécurité vélo en Vaucluse

Mountain biking safety charter

I will wear a helmet
I will control my speed at all times
I will respect nature and will not trespass on private property
I will be courteous to other users
I will only ride on marked public paths
I will check the weather conditions before travelling to the mountains
I will not venture into the undergrowth or onto regenerative plots
I will take note in advance of the difficulties and the distance of the chosen route
I will take care when passing hikers or people on horseback, who take priority
I will abide by the Highway code when returning to road traffic
I will inform other people of my itinerary and I will never leave alone
I will carry a repair kit, detailed map, and first-aid kit with me
I will take enough water for my planned route

Access to forest areas

Access to the forests of Vaucluse is regulated both for your safety and for the preservation of sites sensitive to forest fire

Each year, during the summer, access to certain forest areas is monitored according to weather conditions and fire risk.
For daily information about fire risk levels, contact 04 28 31 77 11 or visit www.risque-prevention-incendie.fr/vaucluse

Bivouac and wild camping are prohibited from July 1st to September 15th in the forests of Vaucluse.
For more information on the best practices for natural areas, contact the Mont Ventoux Regional Natural Park:
04 90 63 22 74

Famille à vélo dans les massifs forestiers du Vaucluse