Vélo électrique dans les Dentelles de Montmirail @Morera

Electric bikes and the Dentelles de Montmirail

A magical cycling experience

From Barroux to Vaison la Romaine, discover breathtaking views, passionate winemakers and their wines, typical Provence hilltop villages, winding roads and craggy summits.





1 Day


50 km




round trip

Electric bikes: a symphony of sensations

First, head towards Le Barroux, a welcoming and picturesque village perched high on the rocks, overlooked by its imposing fortress. You’re greeted with a smile by Guillaume, kicking off a beautiful day of exploring the great outdoors. It’s time to try out your ride and master the electric bike. The excitement is palpable. We turn off a gentle slope shaded by the village onto the bends of a long descent beneath the pines. There’s a multitude of sensations: the whistling of the wheels, a symphony of birdsong, the feeling of gliding between shade and morning sunlight. The invigorating breeze and the scent of the undergrowth combine to reawaken the senses.

VAE dans les Dentelles @ Pellet

Well worth a detour

Built in the 12th century, the Château of Barroux overlooking the plains of the Comtat Venaissin is well worth a visit, and not only for the stunning views! The entry price is very reasonable (€5)

Suzette, the jewel of the Dentelles de Montmirail

A typical Provence hilltop village with quintessential views over each slope

Between the Mont Ventoux and the craggy ridges of the Dentelles, this vineyard planted in traditional “restanques” (dry stone terraces) forms a sea of gleaming green as far as the eye can see. We’re blown away by this place which forms a perfect harmony between Mother Nature and thousands of years of cultivation by man. We’re filled with a sense of fulfilment brought on by the striking landscape.

Vue depuis Suzette, versant Ventoux

Saint-Martin farm, a Provence gem

The view as we arrive is breathtaking. The vineyard is bordered with cypress trees and encircled by cliffs. There’s the Mont-Chauve, a real treasure which wouldn’t look out of place in Tuscany… On the dry stone walls, wisteria exudes a wonderful fragrance. Thomas, a passionate wine-maker, invites us to help him bottle his wine. The clinking of glass against glass, sealing with a cork… It’s an impressive production line in a spectacular setting. Red, rosé or golden white, the tasting lives up to the view. Then, Marie tells us all about the landscape and her enthusiasm for the family-run organic estate, whose AOC Ventoux and Côtes du Rhône wines enjoy an international reputation. The sun indicates that it’s time for an apéritif. The wine is excellent but sadly it’s time to leave!

Vignes des Dentelles de Montmirail @ Maisonnave

Did you know?

World renowned for its rock climbing sites and its wines, the Dentelles de Montmirail provide the perfect natural setting for a complete escape.

Col de la Chaine: the electric impulse

Have fun overtaking your friends in a light-hearted peloton

As we enjoy the incredible sensation of gliding along, the Dentelles de Montmirail gradually rise to the Col de la Chaine mountain pass. Still looking fresh as a daisy, I can’t help taking an wicked delight in overtaking, one by one, the racing cyclists dripping with sweat, scowling at me as I pass… hehe! Bow down, muscly-legged foes! We drift past without breaking a sweat.

A cosy chat with “My Ventoux”

Past Malaucène, we turn off onto a small road.

No cars, just a few fellow cyclists that we greet with the complicit smiles of people who are in on the secret of these lesser-known routes. The cherry trees are in blossom, the scent of fig trees wafts through the air, and bright red fields of poppies spread out at the foot of the Ventoux. The gentle rush of the wind, the lapping of a nearby stream and the chirping of birds complete the scene – perfect for a picnic break.

We greedily tuck into fresh, crusty bread, homemade “caillettes” (a kind of French meatball), and juicy cherry tomatoes, finishing up with succulent melt-in-the-mouth Carpentras strawberries. With their subtle and delicately sweet fragrance, it’s a true forbidden fruit! Once we’ve eaten, we settle down for a nap…

Pique-nique @ Coquard

Did you know?

The Carpentras strawberry is a registered label thanks to its intoxicating “made in Vaucluse” flavour.

Amandiers en fleur @ Hocquel

Vaison la Romaine: 2,000 years of history in the blink of an eye

We arrive at the foot of the Roman bridge and the upper town

After a quick stop off at the Tourist Office to recharge our bike batteries, we pay a visit to the medieval town, filled with fountains in small courtyards amongst a maze of authentic narrow streets. The climb up to the Château is well worth a detour. The view over the Ventoux is magnificent from up there. Once we’ve crossed the bridge, we zig-zag between Roman times and the modern day. The expanse of Roman ruins is breathtaking.

Firm favourite

Head to Léone artisan ice cream parlour for THE unmissable sweet treat! Generous servings of ice cream, a fresh fruity taste, extraordinary flavours. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Vaison la Romaine @Abry

Wow! Our electric bike experience was a total success. It was a real treat to bring together sports/leisure and exploring Provence and the vineyards in a brand new way. My leg muscles didn’t even register the kilometres going by! I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, without needing to worry about not being able to keep up. With the electric bike, our ride felt like a mini adventure that surpassed anything we would normally try. We feel lucky to have explored these little secret routes, where you come across fellow cylists and farmers, greeting them with a smile and preserving the tranquility. Once you’ve tried it out, you’ll never go back!

Elodie Pellet