Pont Julien sur la Méditerranée à vélo © Colombe Prod

Bike ride in the Luberon

On the Calavon véloroute

Looking for an outing that will suit both the young and old? An itinerary rich in colours that will let you discover the springtime landscapes of the Luberon? Then head to the Calavon véloroute for a serene trip made for masters of the bicycle…





2 hours


20 km


Bike rides


round trip

Car park:

St Martin de Castillon

To see the Luberon by bike is to see beauty in its true form

On the famous Calavon Greenway, the springtime landscapes show off their colours: lush green foliage, flowering shrubs, poppy fields and more. In summer, the path is bordered by fields of mauve lavander! It’s a real treat for the eyes…

A relaxing bike ride for both the young and old

Mediterranée à vélo @ Abry


Don’t forget: fully-inflated tires, helmet, first-aid kit, bike repair kit, full water bottles and a tube of sunscreen for sunny days.

Don’t have a bike?
There are multiple bike rental companies nearby.

Bikes prepped, helmets fastened and rucksacks full of provisions, each rider takes the first few kilometres safely at his own pace.

Happiness can be found in pedalling calmly, far from traffic: a way to keep active in a peaceful environment! The children race ahead, and their parents can chat with no stress!

Did you know?

A véloroute is much more than just a cycle path: it’s a path away from the dangers of the road, with very low elevation, reserved for cyclists, pedestrians, rollerblades and people with reduced mobility. Safety is guaranteed!

Gourmet break at Apt market

On the way to Apt, headed for the city centre
Make the most of the market and stock up on picnic supplies. The market is a hidden gem, characterised by its Provençale ambiance, its stalls coloured by tomatoes and courgettes, perfumed by cheeses and local spices. The vendors here share their passion as they tell you about their freshly-picked asparagus, fresh and juicy strawberries, and patiently cured charcuterie.

Here, everyone can shop to their heart’s content. On the menu: 2 banons (goats cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves), a punnet of strawberries and a few slices of Ventoux ham.

watermelon Cavaillon
Coup de coeur

A firm favourite

The Apt market is held every Saturday between 8am and 1pm.
The market is a veritable festival of colours and scents, featuring a wide range of local products.

Market in Apt

Time for a breather and a picnic by the water’s edge

With your bags full to the brim with Provençale treats, and the promise of a tasty lunch ahead, cycle to the green shores of the Riaille artificial lake: the perfect place to share a country picnic.

In the cool shade of the majestic willow, you can savour your recent purchases. The kids quickly break away from the group to enjoy this natural play area: racing across the grass, imagining themselves as fishermen, they’re all off having fun while their parents can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

Worth a detour

Slightly further along the greenway is the Apt artificial lake – a 10-hectare haven of fun and relaxation, equipped with a picnic area and a small sports course with fitness equipment.

Lake in Provence

A mosaic of landscapes

As you head towards the Julien bridge, the route takes you across a mosaic of different landscapes. In spring, the the intense pink and purple shades of the flowers of the Judas trees colour the groves, and the lush green vines and scarlet poppies compete to take over the landscape.

At the Julien bridge: cross over to Antiquity!

As you approach the Julien bridge, 2000 years of history opens up to you: the stone bridge spans the river Calavon with its 3 robust but slender arches. Despite the gentle slope it’s hard not to slow down and stretch out this moment of contemplation for as long as possible.

To get a good look at the bridge from all angles, head down to the bank of the Calavon after crossing the bridge.
There, the kids will find an opportunity to have some fun, using the pebbles as stepping stones to cross the river barefoot.
The day ends with a well-deserved snack, the perfect time to plan your next bike ride and make the most of the varied landscapes of Provence.

Pont Julien in Luberon @Colombe Production

Did you know?

The Julien bridge dates back to the year 3 BC
It replaced an even older bridge, traces of which can still be seen near the supporting columns.

Pont Julien in Luberon

In a nutshell

  • A safe and family-friendly route
  • An unmissable market in Apt
  • A variety of colourful landscapes
  • The Julien bridge, a Roman relic