Cycliste au pied du Ventoux © Rosso

Mont Ventoux,

a cyclist’s paradise

Mont Ventoux: overlooking Provence from its 1,909 metres of height, this mountain is well-known for its views that will surely take your breath away. It’s also a place that is particularly well-loved by keen cyclists who come from all corners of the world to tackle climbing the Giant of Provence!

A challenge for keen cyclists

Made famous by the Tour de France in 1951, the climb of Mont Ventoux by bike is an unmissable challenge for hardcore cyclists.

The 360° panorama from the top is the ultimate reward for all that effort… To get there, there are 3 possible routes. The climb from Bédoin is the most technical itinerary with a difference in altitude of 1,622 metres on a 22.7 km climb to reach the top! To try other routes, experienced cyclists can also access Mont Ventoux by bike from the villages of Sault or Malaucène.
In good weather conditions, it’s even possible to catch sight of Mont Blanc on the horizon!

Did you know?

In 1908, Jacques Gabriel became the first cyclist to win the first cycling competition at Mont Ventoux – “Le Marathon du Ventoux”.

Ascent mont Ventoux by bike

Autumnal scenery at Mont Ventoux

The Nesque River Canyons by bike

Almond trees in bloom at the foot of Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux – the place to go for mountain bikers

With such a contrasting relief, Mont Ventoux was literally made for mountain bikers and enduro racers. Keen cyclists will surely tell you that the Vaucluse’s Grande Traversée is a must! At nearly 400 km, including several stages around Mont Ventoux, the scenery alternates with technical routes, testing the concentration and responsiveness of the top cyclists.
It is also a great chance to test your limits at the Chalet Reynard Bike Park: daredevils can come and try the three tracks of different levels. Thanks to the button lift, you can easily get back up to the top of the slopes.

Port de VTT sur les sentiers du mont Ventoux

Did you know?

Go to the French Cycling Federation’s ‘Espace VTT’ (mountain biking space) at the Ventoux to choose between 12 available courses: guaranteed fun on 220 km of routes!

Mountainer biker mont Ventoux

All aboard your bikes at Mont Ventoux!

Not a bike whizz? Don’t panic – Mont Ventoux is also made up of miles of small roads which are accessible to the vast majority.

There are several family-friendly circuits.
A loop from Bédoin allows you to discover the village and its surroundings. On the circuit, Provence awaits you – vines and cherry trees, ochre landscapes, the hamlet of Les Baux – an adorable village between garrigues and olive groves.
The scenery radically changes in Monieux! The white of the cliffs merges with the mauve of the lavender fields on a circuit that will lead you to the magnificent Nesque River Canyons

Our advice

Do you want to enjoy the magnificent scenery in total tranquillity? It’s possible thanks to electrically-assisted bikes! You could even opt to be accompanied by a guide.

Vélo au pied du mont Ventoux

Preserve Mont Ventoux!

Mont Ventoux is a fragile natural area. To protect its heritage and live in harmony with each other and nature, let’s vow to adopt good practices in natural areas.

For the preservation of forests and the safety of all
– I will not smoke
– I will not start any fires in the forest (campfires, barbecues etc.)
– I will not let off any fireworks or smoke bombs

Respect for nature and the heritage of the rural environment
– I will carry my rubbish with me until I can properly dispose of it, and I will separate my waste into the necessary recycling categories.
– I will avoid picking wild plants and collecting rocks/minerals
– I will respect wild animals and keep my distance from them
– I will preserve any testimonials to the past
– I will stick to the marked paths
– I will only ride on public paths

Respect for residents, farmers and forest users (foresters, hunters, shepherds, walkers, etc.)
– I will park in signposted carparks and will avoid parking on private property
– I will respect the boundaries of crop fields and orchards
– During hunting season, I will keep an eye out for hunting parties and make my presence known
– I will behave carefully in the presence of herds and I will keep my dog on a lead

Before any outing in the mountains (on foot, by bike, etc.)
– I will choose an itinerary adapted to my level
– I will prepare the necessary equipment (warm clothing, water, food provisions, sunscreen)
– I will check the weather forecast for the summit at www.meteo-ventoux.fr
– I will report any anomalies I may encounter along the way (signposting errors, defective signs, pollution, need for security, conflict, etc.) at sentinelles.sportsdenature.fr

In case of accident, I will call 112