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The tourist service at Fontaine-de-Vaucluse :

For those who like uphill climbs that work up a sweat and downhills that whizz by, this trail is ideal. The difficulty here lies primarily in the altitude change and the percentage of certain climbs. It can be pretty rocky/gravelly at the end of the circuit, and the trail is to be avoided in extreme heat. Good stamina and physical condition are required if you want this to be a fun experience.
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Itinerary: (188 m) Start in the centre of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse and follow the tourist road to Gordes. Cycle out of the village, (markings GR91). (1: 160 – 1.7 km) Leave the road behind to pedal on the GR6-GR97 on the left, the path climbs steeply – not always easy on the bike – so be prepared to get off and push! It leads to the trail known as "La Pourraque". (2: 315 m – 3.1 km) Follow this trail on the left to the end. Good calf muscles are required.
Reach a first intersection, continue straight. After a short downhill, reach the "Trois luisants" trail. Follow it on the left. (3: 634 m – 9.2 km) Continue on this trail and remain on it until you see a rest area where there is a lookout tower and some broken signs. Do not follow the GR, remain on the trail which goes down. Take the first marked trail on the left. (4: 603 m – 11 km) Continue to go down. At the intersection take the left fork. The road gets narrow. Work around the stones and steps. Reach a trail. (5: 415 m – 12.4 km) At the hairpin turn on the left go down the "Fayardes" trail and leave the trail which goes down on the right (tank) to go back up 150 m and arrive at a junction. (6: 406 m – 12.55 km)
Descend on the right, and the path becomes a small sloped road. Just before the end of this slope, go 50 metres past the Marculy post (344 m) and take the road on the right which bypasses the Mas de la Mondote. Leave the villa on your right and go straight down. (7: 314m – 13.5 km) At the little Borie, take the path on the left and go down to the "Les Lauses" post, following in the direction of Fontaine de Vaucluse on the right. (8: 255m– 14.7 km)
Cross a little road and take the road opposite which goes up and becomes a challenging path.
At the bottom, climb up on the opposite side. This climb is very technical and physical with rocks, stairs and roots to make your way through. Once you’ve arrived at the trail, go left. (9: 314m– 16.1 km) At the "Les Soleillants" post, go right in the direction of Fontaine de Vaucluse. Go up 100 m and go right at the trail barred by a green cable, which then turns into a path. At the next crossroads, go right and follow the yellow signposts to Fontaine de Vaucluse.

Circuit created by the Vaucluse Général Council and Vtopo

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Circuit VTT - Fontaine de Vaucluse