Vitrolles-En-Luberon, Montjustin, Cereste

MTB no.25 - Short tour of the peaks of the Grand Luberon

La Provence à Vélo









Positive elevation

477 meters

Negative elevation

477 meters


Min. 489 meters

Max. 743 meters

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Departure / Arrival

Parking rue Basse - Vitrolles en Luberon / Parking rue Basse - Vitrolles en Luberon


Parking rue Basse - Vitrolles en Luberon


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GPX track

The tourist service at Vitrolles-en-Lubéron :

There is a gentle climb up to the Aire des Masques pass via the beautiful road overlooking the valley. The route is then mostly downhill, perfect for admiring the many views on either side of the ridges at your leisure.
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The descent along the path from km 12.8 through the undergrowth and at the bottom of the valley is much more technical; a great crack hollowed out by successive storms and a series of steps that are also quite battered! It may be wise to go on foot over the trickiest sections depending on your technical ability. The final stretch is calmer once more.

Caution: between km 12.8 and km 13.5, path battered by successive storms (cracks, steps).

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Parking rue Basse or along D33- Vitrolles en Luberon

To be noted

Attention: between km 12.8 and km 13.5, the path has been damaged by successive storms (cracks etc.). It is best to walk through this section, depending on your technical ability.

Be sure to check your equipment before departure.
Be sure to check the access restrictions to the massif, in case of fire risk.
T. +33)
If you notice a problem on one of the Provence cycling routes report it with the Suricate app!:
Access to the massifs
Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
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Parc naturel régional du Luberon
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