Robion, Maubec, Oppede, Menerbes, Beaumettes, Goult, Lacoste, Bonnieux, Apt, Gargas, Saignon, Caseneuve, Saint-Martin-De-Castillon, Castellet

EV8 : Mediterranean by bike


Round trip


Very easy





Positive elevation

337 meters

Negative elevation

136 meters


Min. 93 meters

Max. 300 meters

  • circuit
  • variante
  • voie verte
  • liaison


Robion - Avenue de la Gare


St Martin de Castillon - Le Paraire


St Martin de Castillon - Le Paraire


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Dépliant Véloroute Voie Verte du Calavon

GPX track

The tourist service at Robion :

The 'Véloroute du Calavon' (Calavon Greenway) is a designated cycle path, 37 km long, between Coustellet, in the west, to "la Paraire" in the town of Saint Martin de Castillon in the east.
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In a few years, this itinerary will end up crossing the entire Calavon river valley, starting in Cavaillon and joining Vaucluse to Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes de Haute Provence departments.
This circuit is included in 'Eurovéloroure no. 8, the Mediterranean by bike' which will eventually join Greece (Athens) to Spain (Tarifa).

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road access

A7 - D2 heading in the direction of Cavaillon, then D900 (exN100) towards Apt.
A51 – Pertuis, Manosque or la Brillanne, then D4100.

public transport

By bus :
Line 15.1 Avignon TGV - Apt / Bike transport possible (max 6 bikes)
Line 15 : Avignon TGV - Cavaillon - Apt
Line 18 : Cavaillon - Bonnieux - Apt
Line 17 : Cavaillon -Gordes-Roussilon - Apt
Line 17 : Marseille - Aix-en-Provence - Cavaillon - Carpentras
Line 22 : Avignon TGV - Cavaillon - Apt - Forcalquier - La Brillanne - Digne
Line 25 : Marseille - Aix-en-Provence - Manosque - Forcalquier

recommended parking (s)

Robion - Avenue de la Gare

In short

  • A pleasant and safe course along the Calavon
  • Greenway route (except for village crossings)
  • Passage on the Julien Bridge, ancient Roman aqueduct
  • Beautiful views of the Luberon Massif and its hilltop villages

The route uses roads open to all motor vehicles, but with low traffic. Respect the highway code.


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