Fromagerie Gourmande Chez Sylla APT

Chez Sylla - Gourmet cheese dairy. Farmhouse cheeses – plate of the day, mixed salads with olive oil and flowers, a selection of sourdough bread…. Wine-tasting. Open Monday to Saturday lunch time. Closed Sunday.

Visit the “Chez Sylla” cellar where you can discover a range of products and wine!

Come and explore the world of cheese and wine - a combination that is sure to delight.

You can devise your own menu or allow the sommeliers to guide you. You’ll have a choice of farmhouse cheese, mixed salads with olive oil and flowers and a selection of sourdough bread…There’ll also be an opportunity to taste our wines. Petits fours.

Cellar comprises:
- A reception room
- A conference room
- Shop area

Possible evening service available for events, concerts and seminars


Fromagerie Gourmande Chez Sylla
406 Avenue de Lançon
84400  Apt
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T. 04 90 04 60 37
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Longitude: 5.38039
Latitude: 43.883788

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