Aux Parents Terribles PERTUIS

Discover gourmet steamed cuisine made from fresh produce, and a coffee shop, in a neo-industrial and vintage decor.

We offer a gourmet and healthy steamed cuisine, a coffee shop, and a range of 30 beers for tasting.
Forget the clichés of dull, bland steamed cuisine:
The high-pressure dry-steamed cooking technique that we offer allows food to be cooked very quickly and naturally, without adding any fatty substances, thus preserving all its flavour, vitamins and mineral salts.
Healthy and gourmet recipes made from fresh produce that is almost entirely local, seasonal and organic.

Our steamer baskets are created each morning. Sophisticated and brightly-coloured, on a base of fish, meat or pasta, accompanied by vegetables, herbs and spices, they are cooked in minutes before your eyes.
We offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes regularly or to order.
Closed weekly on Sundays.


Aux Parents Terribles
92 place Mirabeau
Angle rue Danton (face à l'office de tourisme)
84120  Pertuis
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T. 09 72 80 47 83
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Longitude: 5.501522
Latitude: 43.69421