Table Gourmande le Mogador VIOLèS

Sweetbread; Home-made quenelles; Seasonal truffle dishes; Frogs thighs with truffles or à la Lyonnaise; Snails en cocotte lutée; Mussels; Fresh plates of heirloom vegetables with prawns or scallops; Home-made glazed nougat; Home-made desserts like Paris-Brest or macaroons All dishes are made with fresh fruit and vegetables and the "flagship" products of the region; the wine comes from the property's own vats.

"The Château stands in the heart of the vineyards, at the base of the beautiful Dentelles de Montmirail. A lovely 19th-century home, the doors open wide onto the gracious grounds. The foundations go back to Louis XIV. Then, in the 1800's, it was used as an olive oil mill, then transformed into a château and a vast wine estate by Mr. René Barbier. The family's tumultuous adventures and lives were the source of a famous book known as ""Les Gens de Mogador', written by a novelist cousin, Elisabeth Barbier. In 1985, the Boursier family fell in love with this place and renovated the chateau into a charming home and restaurant.
Closed weekly at Monday lunch, all day Tuesday and Wednesday lunch.