Comtat Oil Mill CAROMB

Agriculture Biologique

The mill was founded in 1870, and ever since its millstones haven't stopped turning, extracting oil from around the Mont-Ventoux. Today, the 4th and 5th generations are carrying on the traditional family skills of an old trade. The mill has been certified organic since 2009.

The oil produced at Caromb mill is richly flavoured all year round, with a more intense flavour in November and a slightly fruity taste in December; it lends a unique quality to your cooking, transforming even the most modest dishes into gastronomic delights. The oil has won regular awards at Paris’s Agricultural Fair and at regional competitions held in Draguignan and Brignoles. Open to all olive growers from mid-November by prior appointment, Comtat Mill allows you to make oil from your own olives (350 kg+ required). We crush the olives in batches so small producers can take home oil from “their own gardens.”


Comtat Oil Mill
108, avenue de la Baisse
84330  Caromb
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T. 04 90 62 42 05
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Longitude: 5.107774
Latitude: 44.109493

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