André Boyer Nougat Shop and Production SAULT

André Boyer, Master Confectioner and Nougat Makers since 1887, use original recipes to produce white nougat, black nougat, Provencal macarons, einkorn biscuits, calissons, traditional marshmallows... An exceptional collection of rare French honey completes the offering. A highly authentic Provencal tradition can be found in these confectionaries.

A palace of sweet things where all the flavours of Provencal delicacies are mixed: black nougat, white nougat, coated almonds, einkorn biscuits. An expertise which is also revealed in macarons, traditional marshmallows and ice cream to take away. Mont-Ventoux and the whole region produce honey, almonds and spelt which are used in the making of the products.
Tour of the production workshops in July/August on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3 to 4pm. The tour is free, with no need to book.
Tour possible the rest of the year by reservation for groups of 15 or more (max. 50).


Nougaterie André Boyer
Place de l'Europe
84390  Sault
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T. 04 90 64 00 23
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Longitude: 5.408911
Latitude: 44.0917