Practical advice for cyclists in Provence

Find below tips and security advice for a safe trip, provided by the French Federation of Bicycle Touring as well as the charters for travelling safely.


Before leaving:

- Double-check that your bicycle is in perfect mechanical condition. Double-check the tires and the brakes.
- Make sure that your bicycle is the right size for your morphology
- Biking helmets are strongly recommended.
- Bring a repair kit with you (*)
- Remember that the French Code de la route applies to cyclists in all circumstances
- Use bike paths where there are bike paths
- Respect the others as you would like to be respected yourself.
- Do not cycle more than two abreast, and cycle in single file when traffic conditions require it.
- Select an itinerary which is adapted to your physical capacities
- Inform your friends or family about your itinerary
- Be fully aware of the weather forecast
- Bring a local road map in addition to the cycling guide instructions
- A first aid kit is strongly recommended.
- Know how to call the emergency services: 18 or 112 for cell phones
- Be respectful of the environment. Do not litter.
- If your return trip is in the dark, make sure you can be seen

(*) Repair kit contents:
1 spare inner tube and patches
1 spoke wrench and pair of tire levers
1 back derailleur cable
1 back brake cable
1 chain tool
1 set of open-ended spanners
1 set of hex-head keys


>> Download "Mont Ventoux by bike: what you need to know


Cycling safety charter

- I respect nature and the environment
- I have proper insurance. My cycling behavior complies with the traffic conditions
- I keep a safe distance between myself and the cyclist in front of me. I can see and can be seen.
- My cycling does not endanger my own safety or the safety of all the others using the road
- I know how to call Emergency Services in case of physical accident
- I choose a route which suits my physical abilities
- I observe organizers’ instructions when taking part in a cycling event
- I follow the French Code de la Route for cycling safety when cycling in France
- I use a bicycle which complies with regulations and is in good mechanical condition


Mountain bike safety charter

- I wear a helmet
- I control my speed in all circumstances
- I respect nature and private property
- I am courteous with other users, and I am discreet
- I remain on marked trails which are open to the public
- I know the weather forecast before going into the mountains
- I do not go into the underbrush and into replanted areas
- I learn about the difficulties and distances involved in my chosen itinerary ahead of time
- I use great care when overtaking hikers or horseback riders, who always have right of way
- I follow the French Code de la Route when on roads
- I inform others about my itinerary and I never go mountain biking alone
- I have a first aid kit, a detailed map, and a repair kit with me