Roman Theatre in Orange ORANGE

The Roman Theatre in Orange is a fabulous journey back in time to the illustrious past when the theatre was at its peak. Built under the reign of Emperor Augustus, it is one of the best-preserved Roman theatres in the western world and is ranked as UNESCO World Heritage.

One aspect of the theatre's great fame is the outstanding condition of its beautiful stage wall. The stage wall is 37 metres high and 107 metres long, and was considered by King Louis XIV - the Sun King - as the most beautiful wall in his kingdom! The northern face of the wall today sets the stage for outstanding operas and concerts. The theatre was designed to hold large crowds during the Gallo-Roman era, and was the vector for spreading Roman language and culture. Audiences of 8,000 people attended tragedies, comedies, dance, acrobatics and juggling in Roman times. In the 19th century, the Roman theatre began to be used for modern-day performances. Today, the theatre is the venue for the world-famous opera festival known as Les Chorégies d'Orange, and for Roman games and performances.
From 2018: A guided tour followed by a 3D film screening. Provided with a virtual reality headset, you will be propelled back in time to the first century BCE where you will see the construction of the theatre around the time the city of Arausio was founded.
Self-guided tours with audio-guide available in 10 languages, and chance to see the film on the history of the monument since the Roman Empire (in French and English).
A virtual performance entitled "Les Fantômes du Théâtre" (The Ghosts of the Theatre) adds to the visit. This show is fascinating, surprising, nostalgic, psychedelic, and lyrical and rounds out the visit. There is also a treasure hunt for children.
Guided tours for groups (advance reservation required).

Partners of Provence à Vélo, cyclists welcome.