Jardin de l'abbaye de Valsaintes SIMIANE-LA-ROTONDE

A timeless stroll…in a garden like no other! Visit the church and the garden "remarkable" composed of more than 550 varieties of roses, a dry garden and a vegetable garden in permaculture. Guided tours of the garden / history and Gregorian chant

At 600m above sea level, in the center of a vast natural cup called from the highest antiquity "Valley of Absinthe" dominates a sacred land from Prehistory to the present day. On this sandstone promontory runs the Cistercian Abbey of Valsaintes in which monks lived from the twelfth century until the French Revolution. All around a unique garden flourishes with the label "Jardin Remarquable" awarded by the French Ministry of Culture.
At the rhythm of the terraces, you can stroll among rich floral spaces of 550 varieties of roses associated with a spontaneous or introduced flora. You will walk on "The Way of the Roses" chronological journey of the history of the rose. You will meet a dry garden with 350 species and varieties of plants adapted to drought and cold and a vegetable garden in permaculture. The abbey church of the seventeenth, fully restored, can be visited at the turn of the garden.
We offer several formulas to discover the garden (program on our website):
Historical and garden guided tours
Theme day: dry garden, permaculture etc.
Internships: gardening
Children's entertainment (Wednesdays out of season) July August every day except Sunday
Gregorian chant


Jardin de l'abbaye de Valsaintes
Abbaye de Valsaintes
04150  Simiane-la-Rotonde
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T. 04 92 75 94 19
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Longitude: 5.591665
Latitude: 43.957575