Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre SéRIGNAN-DU-COMTAT

L'Harmas was owned by 19th-century writer and naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915), and is now a museum dedicated to his memory. When touring the house you can visit Fabre's study as well as the botanical garden, which boasts a wide range of Mediterranean trees and flora planted over nearly a hectare.

The famous entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915) moved to this house in Sérignan in 1879. He dedicated his life to the study of insects and flora. He published many textbooks and 10 volumes of his major work, 'les Souvenirs entomologiques'...
From the fallow land around his home (the origin of the word 'Harmas'), Jean-Henri Fabre created a 'field laboratory' where he could observe insects. He worked as a teacher but abandoned his interest in chemistry, maths and physics to devote himself to natural history. In 1922, the National Natural History Museum bought the entire estate. The collections left by the scientist include fossils and minerals, manuscripts, printed material and a few boxes of insects. There are also two exclusive collections - watercolour paintings of mushrooms and an exceptional herbarium.
Self-guided visits or guided tours (minimum of 10 people) – booking required.