Mountain-Biking Trail - around the Dentelles de Montmirail


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(157 m ) From the centre of the village of Lafare, take the small road in the direction of "Chapelle St Christophe" and then pass in front of a car park which marks the site of the Lafare waterfalls. The road climbs steeply as it passes St Christophe rock and chapel.
Continue along the road which becomes a trail in front of a wine estate. The trail leads you to Col du Cayron by a fairly steep uphill. (1: 396 m – 4.5 km )

From the Col du Cayron, continue in the direction of the Col d’Alsau.
Then the trail starts going downhill and passes in front of the tower (Tour Sarrasine), reaching a sharp turn and somewhat paved area on the way down.

Then, take a trail on the left (wood sign). (2: 286 m – 9.3 km) This trail leads to vineyards - turn right on the first trail between two vines.

Arrive at a little road which you'll follow on the left. It becomes a trail then is paved once again just before the parking at the entrance to "Clapis".

Continue the road down until you reach the D90, and then take a left to go back up to the village of Lafare.

Circuit created by the Vaucluse General Council and Vtopo

Practical information

Distance, difficulty, parking ...

Distance: 48,00 km

Level: easy

Difference: 1430 m

Time: 120 min

To see...

This circuit has no major technical challenges and enables you to admire every aspect of the beautiful Dentelles de Montmirail. See the North and South faces of the hills and cycle through prestigious vineyards. We recommend stopping at the tower "Tour Sarrasine", the chapel St-Christophe, and the Lafare waterfalls.


Longitude: 5.051308
Latitude: 44.14588