MTB trail no. 56 - Ridges on the Grand Luberon and Combe Platte


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The main descent by what is known as ''Flat Combe'' is, in fact, far from flat and is a gift to cyclists especially when the trail is paved in dead leaves...

After returning across the plain and making you believe you've reached Céreste, the trail follows a step path back to the top of La Gardette, a price worth paying to enjoy the beautiful last descent, not tricky per se but enough to keep you on your toes!

Important: beware the livestock guardian dogs on the ridges and watch your speed on the descent – you might not be the only one on these trails!

Practical information

Distance, difficulty, parking ...

Distance: 27,00 km

Difference: 1095 m

Time: 210 min

To see...

After a long but stunning climb up the thankfully now surfaced paths, the gradual ascent over the summit of the Grand Luberon is quieter and offers the perfect setting to admire the beautiful panoramas.


Longitude: 5.592949
Latitude: 43.857262