Mountain-biking itinerary Le Pont Julien – Apt APT


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Itinerary: From the "Complexe Sportif Bosqué", leave the parking lot and follow the markings in the direction of the Pont Julien (follow the very clearly marked signage all the way to the bridge). (1: 200 m – 1.6 km) Cross the Chemin de Tirasse and continue straight. Farther, go up the fairly steep trail which may require a bit of foot to the ground pushing. The downhill is not very steep however beginners must pay carefeul attention to the gravelly bits. Stick with the trail markings. (2: 210 m – 3.5 km) At the yellow sign "Roquefure", take the direction of Pont Julien. Stay on this road, go near a stables and turn right just before entering the Château de Roquefure. Continue and enjoy a great downhill. Come to a small road which goes below the véloroute and comes out on the D149. (3: 171 m – 6.3 km) Turn twice on the left to take the access ramp that takes you to the véloroute. Remain on this flat, lovely bike path to the starting point. (4: 205 m – 9.9 km) At the end of the bike path, come out on a road which goes below the D900. Turn right, go through the hamlet "Le Chêne", paying careful attention to any traffice. Go below the D900 once again then turn left to pick back up the bike path and get back to the "complexe sportif de Bosque" and return to the parking lot.

Circuit created by the Vaucluse General Council and Vtopo

Practical information

Distance, difficulty, parking ...

Distance: 13,00 km

Level: easy

Difference: 160 m

Time: 90 min

This circuit suits beginners and children well. The many trails and roads you follow take you through gorgeous countryside and lots of colour with the Petit Luberon in the background. You can take a break on the banks of the Calavon River to admire the beautiful Roman architecture of the Pont Julien. The great bike path will allow you to finish this outing easily.


Longitude: 5.381782
Latitude: 43.88338