Organic and biodynamic culture initiation workshops VILLES-SUR-AUZON

What’s an organic wine? What’s biodynamic? Which effects on our health?

We will discuss these questions and exchange about our sensory and esthetic impressions around a 4-wine tasting combined with fine foodies.
These workshops are for you a great opportunity to awake your senses and let you take by surprise (re)discovering organic and biodynamic wines. This approach of the culture and the living had been developed by the father of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner (precisely…the same as the Steiner schools).
The workshop starts in the vineyards and ends with the tasting.


Organic and biodynamic culture initiation workshops
253, route de Carpentras
84570  Villes-sur-Auzon
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T. 04 90 61 79 47
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Longitude: 5.2267
Latitude: 44.057

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