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  Mont Ventoux - the legend

Mont Ventoux cycling itineraryOf course, Mont Ventoux is the stuff of legends, the mythical Tour de France leg!

It is also a region with varied landscapes: the Comtat Vanaissin plain, the Albion plateau, a rich land of small valleys and hills where strawberries, cherries, plums, figs, grapes, lavender and spelt grow. Enjoy these itineraries without moderation!

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Cycling Itinerary - The Sault Highlands


Distance 33 km – Start parking place de la promenade Sault - intermediate level – Signposted circuit

This itinerary will let you discover a perched, isolated land, where you will find alternatively vast areas of lavender and wheat, waving slowly according to the relief. This stony massif clamped between Luberon and Baronies, and you can find there infiltrated waters which reappear in Fontaine de Vaucluse. This calcareous land, of caves and avens, extends itself from la Montagne de Lure until the Mont-Ventoux. From Sault, departure of this itinerary, you will discover through this pleasant itinirary without big technical difficulties, villages where the time seems to have been stopped and where you will be charmed by the authenticity that have been kept. The practice of bicycle is already well integrated and you will find cycle track all along the road; from Aurel to Saint-Trinit, then in this Saint-Christol d’Albion well-known place to practise speleology, you will appreciate there a protected and beautiful environment. Circuit created by CoVe and ADMV
Cycling itinerary - Road of the "Plateau d'Albion"-SAULT ©C. Constant
Cycling itinerary - Road of the "Plateau d'Albion"-SAULT ©
Cycling itinerary - Road of the "Plateau d'Albion"-SAULT ©

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